17 September 2013

TV this Autumn

Jeez, it Tuesday already! This regular blogging malarkey is not as easy as it sounds...

I hope you are all having a wonderful day! Well, probably not, as it's a Tuesday... I know Mondays are bad, but I actually think Tuesdays are worst of all, just because they are so, Tuesdayish I suppose.

However, there is one thing that gets me through Tuesdays... The Great British Bake Off!!! It is so good.. (I am fully aware that I am sounding like a complete psychopath, but stay with me). I mean, they do baking in a tent! What more could you want in a programme? What's that? Oh, you want there to be a shot of a squirrel with giant balls, oh wait, they have that too!!

And it's not just Bake Off.... There's so much great TV on at the moment I literally am not 
leaving the house (not that I have anywhere to go anyway, but it's the thought that counts).
I mean, just look at this line up: Doc Martin, Waterloo Road, QI,
Strictly Come Dancing (although I have to admit the line up is not great this year) and Downton Abbey is coming on Sunday!!!
Also, I have seen adverts for Sherlock!!!!!! And a new programme called Atlantis which looks as though it'll continue down the Robin Hood, Merlin theme, AND a very funny looking new James Cordon one called The Wrong Mans!!!
I am in television bliss...

Love you!
Ella x


  1. So totally in your boat! Why does the bbc/itv decide to do such food stuff, just as I need to seriously focus on my education?

  2. Aaaah this is why autumn is so good, they bring back all the good television :)


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