13 July 2013

The pros and cons of having a fringe..

Sooooooo... about a week ago, I got a fringe!! For any of you American type people who are thinking 'what the hell is a fringe, a strange breed of giraffe or something', a fringe is in your language 'bangs'.

Pros of having a fringe...
  • For the first week you get the fun experience of people going 'oh I really like your hair' (even if they don't like it, but they have to say it anyway)
  • It keeps your forehead warm, I'm planning ahead for winter here!
  • You use less make up.
  • It can make you look a little bit more like Tavi Gevinson (and I'm beginning to perfect her winged eyeliner too! Bit stalkerish - maybe..)

Cons of having a fringe..
  • For the first week, you get the 'fun' experience of people staring at your face going 'something's different, there's something,  is it your glasses?? Which can get a bit (a lot) annoying.
  • It keeps your forehead warm. However, it is summer. Hot hot hot summer (well, as hot as it ever gets in England). So I am experiencing the new phenomenon of a sweaty forehead... fun.
  • I have not yet worked out a way to make my fringe lie straight naturally. Therefore, every single morning, I have to get my straighteners out, and take at least 5 minutes of what could have been sleeping time to straighten my fringe.
  • It can make you look a little bit more like Justin Bieber

Despite all the cons, I love my fringe,and would thoroughly recommend getting one. 

I love you all!
Ella x

(I had some fun editing these pics of me with my fringe! THIS is such a fun photo editing website)


  1. It was fun reading about experience of a newbie fringe-haver as I have had one since birth (well, maybe a bit later, but I had lots of hair when born too). Fringes are adorable ♡, some kind of them suit EVERYONE, seriously.
    Hm, I don't really know what to do if your hair is naturally curly, but i almost never straighten mine, I do however use hair dryer every time after washing hair and always dry the fringe first using a comb and kind of straightening it that way.

  2. Your fringe looks really nice :) I have been debating whether or not to get a fringe because last time I had one I was about four and it made my forehead look massive. But I agree that anything which could make me look more like Tavi would be a definite plus.

  3. I'm not a "fringe" person, but on you it's so cute ^^

    1. And thank you so much for your last comment!


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