21 June 2013

Prom - before

Soooooo.... as my prom is later today (eek!), I decided that I could have a go at two posts, in a before and after stylee!
So, at the moment, I am still feeling kind of sceptical  about Prom. I just can't  get the idea out of my head that it is basically a glorified school disco. Now, I have never been the greatest fan of school discos. I haven't entirely been to one for 10 years, but I can still remember the sinking feeling I felt when I was told 'lets go to the disco'. But we'll see.....

I also feel that with prom comes at a lot of unnecessary expense. I have not exactly  spent a lot, as in, I've spent less than £30 on the dress, shoes , accessories and make-up. Some people would say I'm stingy.  I'd say I'm stingy. The thing is that I really don't see the point in spending £500 just for one night!It's just my opinion though.

I'm seeming pretty negative towards prom at the minute, but one thing I am looking forward to is just having a good time with my friends, who are the bees knees friendswise. Now I do not have a date for prom...  but who needs a date when you've got the greatest freundos on the planet!
Sooooo, I'm sure prom will be fine and dandy. If it's not, well, you are sure to hear all about it!
Love you all!
Ella x


  1. Have a wonderful PROM, and write about it as soon as possible because I'm so curious!!! (no proms in Italy).


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