23 June 2013

Prom - after

After a busy few days I am back, and here to discuss my prom with you!
Soooooo.... prom...
It was good ! I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it! Getting ready with my friends before hand was really fun, and we had a lot, I repeat, a lot of photos taken by overenthusiastic parents.
Then, we waited outside school for a...g...e..s.. waiting for the coach to come, which killed my feet due to the fantabulous looking,  but horrendously uncomfortable  shoes I was wearing!
Our prom was at a place called High Rocks, in Tunbridge Wells, and it was a really pretty building, a sort of old fashioned barn type place, with beams across the ceiling and tapestries on the wall! It was much nicer than I was expecting!
I had a really scrummy dinner, and then danced for about 3 hours straight!(I took my shoes off and danced barefoot to avoid any feet killing incidents) Now, I am not the greatest dancer on the planet, but I had a lot of fun!
Sooo... prom was a lot lot lot better than I expected, and I feel bad  that I was so sceptical about it before. If you have had your prom already, I hope that you found it as fun and amazing as mine, and if you still have yours ahead of you, just enjoy it as much as possible!
I love you all!
Ella x

That's me on the left, and my 3 bestiest freundos!

We look so beautiful!
Here.. not so much.

When you have a friend who is so much prettier than you... sigh...

Slut drop attack!!


  1. I'm happy that you had a great night. And your dress is so cute!!

  2. So nice! Why wr had not prom in germany?!

  3. Ooh! Tunbridge Wells? High-five fellow Kent-inhabitant! It looked great! I've got mine Wednesday 3rd and I'm not sure what to expect...


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