25 June 2013

Felicity Ward

I have discovered one of my favourite people ever . She is funny. She is ferocious . She is another word beginning with f...


Felicity Ward  is a hilarious stand up comedian from Australia, and she is uhmazing! I love stand up comedy, but I have noticed a significant lack of comediennes  in the comedy arena (damn you the patriarchy!!!) So, I was delighted to discover this fantabulous new female comedienne!

Ok, there should be a video here, but due to some 'technical difficulties' (blogger hates me) it wouldn't let me upload it so there is a link to that very same video HERE.

If I was very clever and wordy I would be able to discuss this in a fancy analytical way. I'm not.. so I'll just say, this is BRILLIANT isn't it!

If you very , slightly, extremely love her just as much as I do, then take a look at her BLOG which is equally brilliant and equally hilarious!

I love you all!!
Ella x

Sexy Goggle Face

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  1. I do the same all the time: when someone asks why I like something I just say "he's great" "she is amazing" "it's brilliant" and so on.
    Anyway, I'm going to see the video ^^


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