30 June 2013


Recently, I have become interested in , well... addicted to a new series on Channel 4 called Dates.  It is a collection of mini dramas, with each episode based on a different first date scenario.

The main thing  that I like about it is that it is completely different  to any other TV show I've seen. When I first heard about the series, I thought it would be something like a sitcom, judging by how short the episodes were (25 minutes) and the time slot it had on Channel 4. However, although it easily had the potential to become another of Channel 4's disappointing, dull sitcoms, it was not, and was in fact something else entirely. It is most defiantly a dram, but it is unlike any television drama that I have seen before. It is completely unique, which is why I am so intrigued  by it!

I also love it because of the rawness of it all. Each episode focuses on a different  couple, with different back stories and a different storyline. The episodes are kept simple, almost like a play, however the characters themselves are in no way  simple, with a variety of complex back stories. I like the way that the viewer discovers things about each person at the same pace  as the other characters, so in some ways it is similar to a real date (not that I've ever been on one...)

I am also obsessed with the theme tune!  It's a really eerie, haunting song by Hannah Peel  called 'Chloe', and it just fits perfectly with the series!

('Why doesn't blogger let me upload the videos I want, stupid piece of.... !!!!' Sorry, technical difficulties again. HERE is the video with the song on it.. enjoy!)

It's a brilliant series, and I am eagerly awaiting the last two episodes!
I would definitely recommend it (obviously) and if you would like to give it a go, then you can catch up with all of the episodes on 4od, right HERE!

Love you!!

Ella x

P.S. As you may have noticed, I am trying out a new font (or typeface as I would be corrected in Graphics class!). I don't know what I think about it yet, so any views/opinions would be helpful!


  1. I only saw one episode of Dates but I loved it too! It's so nice for once to watch something where the people talk and act like people in real life, not ridiculous sitcom characters. Plus I have a severe girl crush on Oona Chaplin.... Oh and the new font is good :)

  2. I had nothing to do this evening, and remembered this post so I started watching Dates and it's amazing!!! Thank you so much :D


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