10 April 2013


Sooooo... I'm kinda doing this 'post a day' thing at the momo. I guess it's because it's the Easter Holidays, and I pretty much have nothing else to do (although I do love the holidays, don't get me wrong).
Ever since I re-began this blog, I've been meaning to do a post about Rookie! Now, most of you wonderful people checking out my blog (Hi!) will have found the link from Rookie, as I have been fiercely promoting my blog in the comments sections lately! So you fantabulous individuals will know exactly what Rookie is, and how amazing it is.
For anyone who isn't in the know, Rookie is this brilliant site for teenage girls. It's a sort of online magazine, without the trashy magazine stuff that you get in Cosmo, Heat or Now. I see it as a sort of helpful aunt, a friend who knows just about everything there is to know about life, and just wants to help you out.
The main reason I like it is that I feel I belong . I can relate to nearly all of the articles, and the people who write them. Even better, in the comments sections I get to experience the other girls who read Rookie, and I'm often mind blown by the kindness and consideration that gets shown down there.
I just love Rookie, and although I haven't done a very good job at explaining it, I would highly recommend checking the site out, if you haven't already!
Love you all!
  Ella x


  1. i *adore* rookie!! so glad you mentioned it, i firmly believe that every girl ever should read rookie. :)

    1. Agree completely its like ice cream on a hot summer's day


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