13 April 2013

Lip Balm

Hello Hello Hello...
Soooo.... I'm currently trying to put off some maths homewor/viola practice and thus decided I needed to dedicate a whole post to..... (drum roll please).......
Now, I pretty much have the driest lips in humanity, and so I use a lot of lip balm. Usually Vaseline is my balm of choice (due to receiving a 4 pack two chrimbos ago, they last forever), but I heard ('it on the grape vine!' - I'm sorry) that they dry out your lips, so I switched to some beeswax stuff my sister made at a science fair, and it's worked a treat!
I now have softy soft lips.... all the better for kissing with (well they would be if I had anyone to kiss).

Danke Schone to you lovely readers out there, for reading this absurdly boring post. See you soooon....

Ella x

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  1. oooh - I did not know this! I'll definitely be trying beeswax next time!


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