18 April 2013

Disney Films

On the last day of the holidays (boohoo, back at school now) I finally decided to watch Tangled, a super cute Disney film that I taped about 5 months ago. I loved it, obviously  (I mean, who doesn't like Disney films), and it got me thinking about my childhood, and all the Disney films I used to watch and love.
So here is a list of my top 7 Disney Films!
1) The Lion King (Hakuna Matata gets me every time)
2) Beauty and the Beast
3) The Little Mermaid
4) Snow White ('Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go!')
5) Sleeping Beauty (Although the wicked witch used to terrify me!)
6) Fantasia
7) Cinderella
Please feel free to comment with your top Disney films!
Love you all!
Ella x


  1. Your top three are my top three too! (but mine are in the order 2, 3, 1)

    Are you watching Once Upon a Time?

    1. Sorry no. I just googled it, it looks like it's only in America at the moment. Is it good?

    2. The second series is currently playing on Channel 5 every Sunday night (you can catch up on their website). It might be a little confusing if you haven't watched the first series but if you love modern retellings of fairytales (and disney characters) there's a good chance you'll love it. It's not perfect but I'm definitely hooked.

    3. Cool! I might have a look at that, although currently bogged down with revision :(

  2. OK, this is my top 7
    1. Mulan
    2. The Fox and the Hound
    3. Alice in Wonderland
    4. One hundred and one dalmatians
    5. The sword in the stone
    6. One hundred and one dalmatians
    7. Beauty and the Beast

    ps. Thank you so much for your lovely comments. You can not undertand how much they are important to me.

    1. Ok, clearly I wrote wrong. At n. 6 there is the Lion King.

  3. I want to see tangled, it looks good.
    I love love love anything pixar, which is kinda Disney - and I'm also pretty much obsessed with Wreck it Ralph. Also, I remember liking Snow White, but I haven't seen that in about a million years. I really like animation in general, it's super cool.

  4. Does Enchanted count? Enchanted is really really good. I could probably watch it again and again and yep again! Happily ever afters always get to me.


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